Red Snowdevils Dreams Come True




* 22.11.2009


VDH/DCNH-SH 14909/09


Augen/eyes: zu jung/too young


Hüfte/Hips:  zu jung/too young


Züchter/Breeder: Petra Jessen


Besitzer/Owner: T. + M. Oppel





 CH Smoke‘N Ash of the Midnight Sun

 Multi BIS CH PVT STK’S Fire In The Sky  CH Chrisdon´s Distant Thunder
 CH PVT STK´S One And Only
 CH Cholla of the Midnight Sun  CH Holy Smoke of the Midnight Sun
 CH Make Em Cry of the Midnight Sun
 Red Snowdevils A Silver Shadow  Multi CH Chiricote De Ciukci  CH Kristari´s Spectator
 Artic Blue´s Sienna Sunrise
 CH Felice Colours of the Night  Taysa´s Eagle Dancer
 Happy Magic Face of Fantastic Snowdevils

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